Friday, 18 July 2014

Star Kin Deliciousness

Literally. My parcel had lollies in it.

My collection of Star Kin polish is growing, though slower than I'd like. My latest order just arrived-Softly, and With Grape Delight.

Of Softly, Star Kin says-"Softly is a soft green polish with holographic shimmer, a subtle (but present in the sunlight!) purple shimmer and interference (seems to float over the top of the polish), and a dose of purple micro flakes."
In direct total-cloud-cover-and-rain light.

Not in direct (as above) light.


Jeebus, my fingers look awful. Plus-nubbins. I have had a rough nail week, so had to cut them all.
And no, I do not know why I couldn't manage to capture the shimmer on my nails. This is 2 coats, + top coat.

And With Grape Delight. I saw this on the 28th of May. Ami had made it for herself, Serra saw, loved and got some-which is how I saw it (over on Serra's blog Peacock Pie). I needed it. Ami was pretty busy with all kinds of stuff, and the polishes got made at the end of June. I had forgotten, by that point. THEN I was incredibly broke. I finally paid for them this week. So it's been a long time coming. With Grape Delight-oh, cheesy biscuit. I did not remember how beautiful it was.
Star Kin says "A holographic, dark, grape-purple jelly polish"

Direct bla-bla light

Not direct etc, etc.


I love this polish. These photos are ONE coat, with top coat.

Star Kin nail polishes are NZ-made. Only available in NZ for the moment, thanks to post restrictions. All polishes are 5 free, and never tested on animals. Check out the Etsy store here,  Facebook page, and Every Sensory blog.

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